L.I.F.E. Beyond Shortridge Committee

L.I.F.E. Beyond Shortridge, (Leaders in Firms Emerging), is a program started in 2011 with Shortridge High School, An IB World which emphasizes international mindedness, intercultural understanding and academic rigor.  The program is now in it's sixth year.

INALA was granted $15,000.00 ($5,000.00 per year for three (3) years) by the ALA Foundation to help implement and support a comprehensive program created by INALA to work with Shortridge High School, An IB World School. The primary purpose of the program is to educate this target audience of students about the wide range of jobs that are available within our organizations (aside from the obvious attorney positions) and to help the students be prepared for these opportunities.  One of INALA’s goals is to provide this program as a “kit” for other ALA chapters that might wish to replicate the program.  We recently achieved this goal by sharing this program with another ALA Chapter.

Members of this committee will be responsible for specific modules of the program and will recruit and supervise other volunteers to assist in their specific module.

Examples of these of leadership positions include, but are not limited to: 

  • overseeing arrangements for a field trip for the students to visit private law firms and some corporate or government legal departments
  • being in charge of one of the at-school learning opportunities, such as sessions on jobs in the legal field; professionalism; confidentiality and ethics; and many other sessions to be identified over the next three years
  • being in charge of a writing contest
  • overseeing the development of a website for the program
  • overseeing the summer internship program

For additional information regarding this Committee, please contact: 

Jennifer S. Ellis - ALA Indiana L.I.F.E. Beyond Shortridge Committee Chair
Kightlinger & Gray LLP

Abigail L. DeCoursey - Committee Member
Betz + Blevins
317-687.2222 Ext. 102

Debi Mitchell - Committee Member
Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Robin Burton - ALA Indiana Chapter President
Bose McKinney & Evans LLP